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  • NYC Bagel Looks To Expand

    NYC Bagel offers franchise opportunities across the country. Prime areas are available nationally with single and multi-unit opportunities obtainable. Click the “Franchising” tab to learn more and “Own Your Own!”

  • Just Sample The Menu

    NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop offers you only the BEST NYC Bagels at every location. We know what it takes to make a true “New York” bagel without the typical franchise-bagel taste. Stop by your local NYC Bagel to try your own TODAY!

  • Stay Connected

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  • "Stopped by NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop for the first time today! Ordered a breakfast sandwich and a lunch sandwich to bring back to work. YUM! Highly recommend to anyone looking for good food!"

    - Ann Roberts
  • "Being from New York, I had a high standard for my bagels. I am VERY EXCITED to say that NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop has met and exceeded my expectations. BEST BAGELS AROUND! "

    - Robert Snyder

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