NYCBagel Franchise Introduces New Winter Menu

NYCBagel & Sandwich Shop Introduces New Flavors To Comfort You During The Cold Weather:

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NYCBagel is introducing many new items and flavors to provide comfort to you during the colder seasons of the year! With the many delicious items already on the menu at all locations, you might possibly ask, “What is it that NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop can add now?” The NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop Franchise knows what is like to be running around doing last-minute shopping or even start shopping for the Holidays. So why not cater to your needs and make this time of the year more special with a winter-line of food and beverages!

Let’s Start With The New NYCBagel & Sandwich Shop Coffee Flavors!

nycbagel, nycbagelsandwichshop. nycbagelandsandwichshop, nycbagelsandwich, nycbagel&sandwichshop, nycbagelandsandwichshopWhat says “Winter” and “December” better than EGGNOG?! NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop wants to start these cold months of the Winter season the right way with Eggnog Flavored Coffee! Eggnog is traditionally consumed throughout  the UK, Canada and the United States at Christmas season every year, often from Thanksgiving until the end of the Christmas season. Many of you may have grew up drinking eggnog around this time of the year and the NYCBagel Franchise wants to remind you of these holidays traditions and keep them going!

What’s Being Added To NYCBagel & Sandwich Shop’s Menu?

NYCBagel knows that not all of you may be coffee drinkers! So why not take the Eggnog Flavoring one step further?! Eggnog Flavored Cream Cheese! This franchise makes all flavored cream cheeses by hand at every location and knows what it takes to make a good eggnog! So why not combine the two to create a delicious spread to go on one of the many flavors of fresh baked New York Bagels? Some may say this is “Too Good To Be True”  but NYCBagel & Sandwich Shop wants to give back to you during the Holiday Seasons and make this time of the year a little more comforting. Be sure to stop by your nearest NYCBagel & Sandwich Shop and try of of the two Eggnog specialties!

Looking to “Own-Your-Own” NYCBagel & Sandwich Shop?

NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop is always looking for new areas to open and let you “Be Your Own Boss!” If this is something you have been looking for, The NYC Bagel Franchise is your answer! Contact NYC Bagel Directly through the site here or feel free to reach us at (844) 348-6098! We would to hear from you! Happy Holidays!

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